• Q What happens if my horse gets hurt on the truck or falls ill during transit?

The owner/ agent is notified and if necessary, veterinary treatment is organised immediately


  • Q Is there an age threshold for a horse to travel?

Older horses may find road transport very stressful. It is important to consider this before transporting older horses for long distances. We may accept older horses at our discretion. We only accept transport at owner's risk and in some circumstances may require a veterinary certificate.


  • Q How old is a foal supposed to be before it can travel with its mother?

It depends on the size and health of the foal, as well as the distance they are being transported. Please contact our office for specific guidelines.


  • Q Does my horse have to wear travelling boots?

Travelling boots must be supplied by you. We are happy to put boots on, as long as your horse is well used to wearing them.


  • Q Is there any horse gear that I am required to provide?

All horses must be presented with a halter.


  • Q If my horse has a cover to go with it, does it wear it on the truck?

Not usually. Some horses may wear a light scrim if it is cooler weather, or they are travelling at night.


  • Q If I have gear to go with the horse, does it cost me extra to transport the gear?

Gear is transported as a courtesy only. There is no charge for gear accompanying a horse. Obviously there is a limited amount of gear that we can accept.


  • Q Do you accept Visa or MasterCard payments?

Yes, we accept both Visa and MasterCard. Payment must be approved prior to pick up of horse.


  • Q If I don't have an account with you, how can I pay?

We prefer direct payment to our account sighted before we do the job.

Visa or Mastercard. Cash on delivery or payment on delivery arranged prior to job commencing.


  • Q Does somebody have to be there at the pick up point to load the horse?

Yes, for health and safety reasons, we require someone to be there for pick up. We also need someone to confirm we are picking up the correct horse


  • Q If I tell you what colour my horse is, can you go into the paddock and catch it and load?

No, for the reasons above.


  • Q Does somebody have to be there at the delivery point to unload the horse?

Yes, for the reasons above.


  • Q Do you stop to give my horse a break?

Yes, for longer journeys, we have stopovers at our depots throughout the country.


  • Q My horse is going from say Auckland to Christchurch - how long will this take?

Depending on pick up and delivery point, it is usually 2-3 days.


  • Q Does it cost me for my horse to stay at your depots?

No, it is included in the fare.

The only exception is if you require your horse to stay for an extended period of time at our depot (e.g. if you are shifting and need time to get from one property to another). Under this sort of circumstance, there is a nominal charge for agistment.


  • Q Do you feed and water my horse at your depots?

Yes we do. However, we encourage customers to provide transit feeds for horses who have any special dietary requirements so as not to disrupt their normal feed plan.


  • Q What insurance cover do you have for my horse?

Insurance is owner's responsibility. As per our terms and conditions, transport is “at the owner’s’ risk”


For further information please see our Terms and Conditions