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We transport horses safely from A to B, ensuring unbeatable attention to their needs whilst in our care. From the moment we connect with your precious cargo, we treat it like one of our own. Everyone in our team are horse people. We understand horses and love everything about them.

Our Services

Local, provincial and nationwide transportation.

We’ve been consistently providing high levels of care for horses in transit and at our numerous, fully equipped stables around New Zealand for over 80-years. We’re unbeatable at what we do, which is provide first class travel and care for your horse. Everything we do is completely under the Majestic umbrella; nothing is outsourced.

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About Us

We have a proud 80+ year history of successfully transporting horses around New Zealand.

Since our incorporation in 1938 we have grown through acquisition to become the dominant industry provider. With each purchase we have gained additional knowledge, experience and expertise that has helped us to provide ‘business as usual’ continuity and great customer experiences. We have ultimately grown because we understand the financial and emotional investment that our clients have in their horses. We value animal welfare above all else.

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What our clients say

Beverley Hollis

Never forget seeing your truck pull up to deliver our New Forest pony who came over from the Uk, fantastic service. – Beverley Hollis
December 12, 2023

Joanne Bridgman

I always use Majestic!!! – Joanne Bridgman

December 11, 2023

Craig Mott

Every single horse has arrived so relaxed and so unphased by the long road trip from Auckland. – Craig Mott

December 11, 2023

Victoria Lee

You guys n gals are the best! Have had 5 horses transported with you now and every single one arrived calm, fat lol … and happy! Even the two year old. Would not ever use any other transport company, you guys rock! – Victoria Lee

December 11, 2023

Donnamarie Coats

Best service from Christchurch to Invercargill a year ago. Arrived happy and safe, would use Majestic again, recommend. – Donnamarie Coats

December 11, 2023

Nikkola Klemra

Exceptional service and care every time! Have used Majestic for many years. Esp love the pic updates and always great communication throughout every journey. The best. – Nikkola Klemra

December 11, 2023

Anita Ayres

Highly recommend these horse transporters – knowledgeable, and careful truck drivers. – Anita Ayres

December 11, 2023

Steve MacDonald

Definitely recommend Majestic can’t thank you guys enough for your help this year. – Steve MacDonald

December 11, 2023

Sharon Ryan

Absolutely recommend this company. Horses are always calm and relaxed when they arrive. – Sharon Ryan

December 11, 2023

Peter Parker

Taken such great care of my horses, big ups to you guys for 30 years of great service to me and my horses. – Peter Parker

December 11, 2023

Laura Harry

You’ve always been brilliant with my horses. – Laura Harry

December 11, 2023

Roz Sutherland

Fantastic service, highly recommend. – Roz Sutherland

December 11, 2023

Sam Knauf

Been using these guys for years over the last 15 years and just wonderful. Great communication. – Sam Knauf

December 11, 2023

Angela Broadbent

Best transport company ever, thank you so much 💕 for caring for our stallion Amari on his trip home. Cute seeing him in your video too 😍❤️ brilliant company, brilliant services. Cheers Majestic Horse Floats LP

December 4, 2023

“Today my elderly stallion (26 years old!) arrived in perfect condition from his trip from the Waikato down to Christchurch (940kms). I am so grateful that Majestic Horse Floats did such a great job at ensuring he travelled safely.”

-Heike Hunscher

March 5, 2021

Gina Schick: Eventstars

Yesterday I had a bit of a drama to deal with – in that a transport company picked up a young TB from me. Mine (who travelled to me many hours on a truck on it’s own) was a bit sticky about loading, not helped by the abrupt approach being taken with it (we ‘mares’ like a little more tact!).
I then get a phone call shortly after to say they’d taken my TB off to load another on at a racing stable and couldn’t get mine back on. Said horse was thankfully able to stay in a box at Baker Racing and I got on the phone to Majestic.
As always, Majestic sorted it out pronto, with their usual prompt service (I find if Majestic say they’re dropping a horse off at 2.30, my electric road gate is opening at 2.30 on the dot!). Their new driver, first day on her own, unloaded 3 happy horses at my end, credit to her driving and horsemanship.
Majestic may not be the cheapest around, but they don’t take your horse on a scenic tour of the country and their loading/travelling systems work well – they don’t compromise horses.

Gina Schick
January 13, 2020

Juliet Farrant

We would not use anyone else, you guys are extremely professional. Julie keeps me constantly updated with arrival times etc which is great as I have to duck out from work and the guys on the trucks are awesome! We would highly recommend and thank you for the peace of mind you guys give when our horses and precious foals are travelling!

Juliet Farrant
January 13, 2020

Bev Macdonald

I was extremely worried about my horses being transported to the Wairapapa from Wanganui. Especially my 23year old mare, who on any other occasion has always arrived stiff and sore after being trucked or floated as she is arthritic, so she was my main concern.
Upon the truck arrival I was immediately put to ease and felt relaxed about them being trucked with your driver. The horses arrived in excellent condition and not stressed at all, even the old horse came off free moving.
I can not thank you enough for getting my horses to their new home safely and in good condition. So it goes without saying I would highly recommend Majestic horse Floats to anybody wanting to have their horses transported .
Once again, Thank you!
From Maxine, Rufus and Kiger

Bev Macdonald
January 13, 2020

Jan Booth

We were travelling our thoroughbred in a quality float from North Wellington to Hamilton. However when we checked the horse at Foxton, we discovered he was very agitated, sweaty and shaking. We rang Majestic’s 0800 number whilst parked on the side of the road at Foxton and we agreed we could drop the horse at Majestic Bulls and they would transport it the following day to Hamilton. OMG what Lifesavers, as we were in a very difficult situation with the horse. We were met at Majestic Bulls by a friendly man, and our horse could not wait to unload. He went into a grass paddock with hay a new mate over the fence and settled right in. What a huge relief for us, and thank you so much Majestic for going the extra mile to help us.

Jan Booth
January 13, 2020


I found everything great right from the team that answered the phone through to the driver who dropped them off. When I called they were friendly and super helpful they gave me a price and date right away. The driver who delivered them was awesome! The horses all arrived happy and relaxed he helped me put them all away into the paddocks after taking them off the truck. I was having a little trouble with Jones (the Colt) he wouldn’t walk through the gates and into his paddock so before he unloaded the girls and came and gave me a hand with getting Jones into his paddock and doing the gates. It may not sound like much but it was a big help and I really appreciated it.

January 13, 2020

Kojak – Wairoa to Waitakaruru

Kojack got delivered safe and sound today, thanks for ensuring that he was looked after on his trip.

Anna Dodunski
June 7, 2019

Unusual Cargo – Ilama’s South Island to Northland

We found your whole service amazing. Everyone was really friendly and helpful. Jasmine was  fantastic  updating us on the journey and the llamas arrived in good shape and very easy to unload. They didn’t appear stressed after the journey and settled in really well. Thank you so much for your good care and superb excellent transport. I didn’t need to be so anxious!

Simon made a wee video which gives you some profile and has been sharing that to all our friends. https://photos.app.goo.gl/G8uRBvYFEf251e7W6

Warm wishes, Sara

Sara Crane
May 17, 2019

Rachel Tilghman

I have been so nervous about getting my horse Tom to his new home. I am moving overseas and I have about a million things to worry about, but the team at Majestic Horse Transport took the biggest thing off my list – getting my boy safely to his next home. They were absolutely great to help me on short notice, they called me and kept me in the loop every step of the way, and they treated him so well. Tom managed the journey from North Island to South Island extremely well, and I can’t thank Chris, Anthony and the rest of the team enough for everything you did to make it a smooth and easy move on both of us. I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone who wants the best for their horse.

Rachel Tilghman
May 10, 2019

Chelsea Koelman

Just wanted to say a big Thank You to the Majestic team for transporting Red last week. He arrived happily at his new home!

It was a pleasure to deal with you all (good communication, friendly driver, punctual and horse arrived safe and well). Thank you to your team and I’ll look forward to the next time!

Chelsea Koelman
May 7, 2019

Jo Bently

I just want to say thank you – this is the first time I have used any transport and I was very impressed with my whole experience.A special thanks to the driver who helped us out when our truck couldn’t meet at the designated point – hugely appreciated!

Have a great Easter break.

Jo Bently
April 18, 2019

Cheski Brown

Hi Ward, just a quick note to say how impressed I was with the two drivers who delivered the latest China Quarantine horses to our facility. They were patient and understanding and a pleasure to deal with

regards Cheski

Cheski Brown
April 4, 2019


Ward Austin- Majestic CEO Interview

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