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We have been providing exceptional care for horses in transit around New Zealand for over 80-years. We operate regularly throughout the North and South Islands with depots in Auckland, Cambridge, Matamata, Palmerston North, Bulls, Christchurch and Invercargill.

We are the only horse transport company in New Zealand to have multiple fully staffed depots nationwide. We care about your horses welfare, having strategically placed depots means we can ensure they are kept happy, healthy and well rested throughout the entirety of their trip.

Our staff, from our drivers through to our stable staff are all very experienced and confident handling a variety of horses. Our drivers are also very experienced in all aspects of horse transport including; local jobs, inter-island transport, to and from airports, race meetings, stud work, mares with foals, pony club transport and a variety of sport horse work.

Our facilities are purpose built to safely house all types of horses, from minis to stallions, yearlings or mares and foals we have fantastic facilities to house them all safely. Each of our depots have well designed stables, paddocks and yards. Our depots also have loading banks to safely load and unload your horse.

Our trucks are maintained and updated on site at our Auckland depot to ensure they meet our exceedingly high standards for safety and comfort.

Horses receive first class treatment with Majestic, and thanks to the scale of our operation, we are able to offer transport nationwide. All major trainers, stud masters, and air freight companies choose Majestic. That’s because we consistently provide an exceptional level of care and service, along with absolute confidence.

“When you want the best treatment for your horse, you choose Majestic.”



Our Trucks

Our trucks are constantly serviced, often upgraded, and when necessary, we can completely disassemble and rebuild them. We do this all on site at our Auckland depot and have a team dedicated to maintaining our fleet.

All our vehicles are equipped with modern communication systems to connect the trucks with our depots and transport managers. We have live GPS tracking in our trucks so we can keep track of your horses whereabouts at all times. Most of our fleet have cameras installed so our drivers can see how your horse is travelling throughout their trip.


Our depots

We have fully staffed and equipped depots in Auckland, Bulls, Christchurch and Invercargill. Whenever a journey involves stopovers, your horse will be fully cared for at one of our depots. Your horse will have an individual paddock or stable, will be hard fed and have free access to hay and fresh water, this is all included in your quote. Our full time stable staff will check over your horse to ensure it is healthy and happy during its stay and are more than happy to provide special care for your horse if required.

Prior to loading back on the truck, your horse will be hard fed again before the next part of their trip. If your horse has to stay at our depots longer than a night our staff will continue to provide full care until we can deliver them to you.



Your horse will be picked up from your property and taken to our Christchurch depot for the night. Your horse will receive full care from our full time yard staff (hard feed, free access to hay, fresh water and an individual paddock or stable).

This day might start at 4:00 am when we water and feed your horse, load it onto the truck and head north. Ferry crossings are also included in your quote. Once we arrive in Bulls we  unload your horse at our depot. They will spend the night here, again, fully cared for.

Likely to be another early start. We water and feed your horse, load it onto the truck and continue north. This next stage is a trip to Auckland. Depending on your location we will either drop them off to you on the way or care for your horse for the night at our Auckland depot and deliver them the following day.


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