July Blog: How Our Booking System Works

Jul 24 2020

Lately we have had a few questions on how our booking system works, so we thought it would be a great time to remind everyone:

Our trucks run on demand and not on set dates, this means that when we have enough horses to fill a truck to a certain area, we will send it. Because of this, our transport managers are often unable to give you set dates for your horses pick up. For most areas we can get your horse on a truck within a week or two. For other areas, that we don’t travel to as often, there may be a slightly longer wait time – sometimes up to three weeks.

When you call to book, our transport managers will start working straight away to get your horse on the next available truck for that area. Our transport managers will only call when we know we have a set date that we can get your horse on a truck, so don’t panic if you don’t hear from us straight away! It is important to note that we require payment prior to your horse being picked up, if payment hasn’t been made, we cannot collect your horse.

Once the transport managers have organized the truck loads you will receive a call usually a day or two before to let you know when we can pick up your horse. If on a local trip the person at drop off will also be contacted to let them know a delivery time for the horse. However, if your horse has a long trip with overnight stops at our depots, our transport managers will only contact the person at delivery once we have an exact date sorted- unless the person at delivery specifically requests to be contacted when the horse is picked up.

When our transport managers have organized the delivery time, the person at delivery will be contacted. Again, usually a day or two before.

Because of how our booking process works, it is recommended you book your horses trip at least a week in advance, this way we can get your horse on a truck as close to your preferred date as possible. If you have any commitments or days your horse cannot be collected or dropped off let us know and we can try our best to work around these (although we try our best, this is not always possible).

Occasionally ,we organize a trip in advance and will post that we have spaces available on our social media. In this case, we can transport your horse on the dates specified.

When booking it is also important to tell us as much as you can about your horse and any specific care that they require such as: rugs, dietary requirements or if they tend to rub and require a tail wrap (supplied by you). All of this extra information will ensure your horse has a stress-free trip.

We appreciate that transporting your horse can be stressful. Here at Majestic we have over 80 year’s experience transporting horses all over New Zealand, giving you complete peace of mind that your horse will be cared for to the highest of standards.

Give us a call today and have a chat to one of our fantastic staff members, we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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