Keeping your horse cool during transport

Jan 19 2024

With temperatures soaring across the country, making sure horses have adequate ventilation while being transported is at the top of our agenda.

Our horse boxes are expertly designed around horse safety and comfort, something our team of engineers have worked hard at to ensure your precious cargo are safe and comfortable during their travel with us.

Prolonged exposure to high temperatures can cause heat stress, dehydration, colic, muscle cramps and even heat stroke – so it’s vital the overall ventilation design of our boxes provides the required air flow. Our boxes have plenty of head room and ventilation to ensure the hottest part of the box is nearest the ceiling, where the vacuum created by roof and/or side vents and windows can easily remove it.

Continuous air flow not only helps to prevent overheating, but also helps to reduce dust, bacteria and mould. Ensuring air can move around the box increases horses comfort and health. In addition, all our trucks are mucked out throughout each day and disinfected to help prevent the transfer of bacteria and viruses. And we make sure horses have the required rest time during long trips, helping to boost their defenses.

Here’s some useful reading if you’re transporting horses in the heat:

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