Loading Bank Specifications

Jan 21 2023

Good quality loading banks are highly recommended for owners that regularly use horse transport and need to transport inexperienced horses or mares and foals.

Having well set up loading facilities makes the process of loading and unloading much less stressful and a lot safer for both the horse and the people involved.

Loading banks should be located in an easily accessible area for trucks, and it is helpful to have yards running off the loading bank to contain mares and foals.

Below are some basic specifications:

  • There should be a 260cm gap between your posts to allow for the door of the truck
  • The bank itself should be 45cm high
  • Internal walls should be 240cm high and made of solid material

Above: Showing the end of the loading bank, which is enclosed by two gates with access to yards on either side.

Above: Front view of the loading bank, showing the solid construction of the internal walls.

Above: Showing the gate system allowing access to the loading bank from the attached yard.

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