Gina Schick: Eventstars

Jan 13 2020

Yesterday I had a bit of a drama to deal with – in that a transport company picked up a young TB from me. Mine (who travelled to me many hours on a truck on it’s own) was a bit sticky about loading, not helped by the abrupt approach being taken with it (we ‘mares’ like a little more tact!).
I then get a phone call shortly after to say they’d taken my TB off to load another on at a racing stable and couldn’t get mine back on. Said horse was thankfully able to stay in a box at Baker Racing and I got on the phone to Majestic.
As always, Majestic sorted it out pronto, with their usual prompt service (I find if Majestic say they’re dropping a horse off at 2.30, my electric road gate is opening at 2.30 on the dot!). Their new driver, first day on her own, unloaded 3 happy horses at my end, credit to her driving and horsemanship.
Majestic may not be the cheapest around, but they don’t take your horse on a scenic tour of the country and their loading/travelling systems work well – they don’t compromise horses.

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